How to Approach Damage to Your Braces

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Traditional braces are one of the most common methods of orthodontic treatment that Dr. Kyle Baker and our team can provide. They improve tooth alignment by attaching to the teeth and linking them across your smile. You may notice that there are many parts of braces, including spacers, brackets, wires and bands. While braces can cause some discomfort by creating tension in the connective tissues of the gums in order to shift the teeth, you should never ignore the feeling that something isn’t right.

Braces are made of many components, and if any of them become damaged or loosened, they should be repaired as soon as possible. We schedule regular visits with the orthodontist to adjust your braces appliance and help it maintain tension in your mouth, but you can visit our office sooner if you need to address any damage or disrepair that has occurred in your appliance. If issues with your braces are not treated, your appliance could become less effective and prolong the course of your treatment.

We encourage you to notify our office right away if your braces are damaged or broken in any way so that we can repair them properly and without delay. If you have a spacer in your braces that has come loose or fallen out and this occurred close to one of your scheduled adjustment visits, it may be the result of your teeth shifting positions. This issue can be corrected by adjusting the braces sooner to accommodate your shifting teeth.

Please contact Baker Orthodontics at 661-322-2263 today if you suspect there may be an issue with your braces in Bakersfield, California, and you would like to speak with our team.