The iTero® scanner is a cutting-edge machine and camera that captures up to 20 images per second. With these images, our orthodontist can view the inside of a patient’s mouth in a full-color, three-dimensional image. As a result, Dr. Kyle Baker can create better-fitting appliances, diagnose infected soft tissues, and simulate orthodontic treatments for our patients. With iTero technology, Baker Orthodontics can even show how your teeth will look at the end of your treatment before it even begins!

iTero scanners depend are moving machines. With a small scanning wand, Dr. Kyle Baker maps the inside of a patient’s mouth, resulting in a continuous, 3-D image. To eliminate the need for a second scan, these scanned images automatically save every 2 seconds. This simultaneous process creates a complete, accurate image of your mouth—meaning quicker treatment options and diagnoses.

If you would like to learn more about how we utilize the iTero scanner in Bakersfield, California, to improve your orthodontic care, contact us today at 661-322-2263 today and speak with our office representatives.