Treating Your Smile in Braces with a Water Flosser

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The best smiles are built with highly effective oral hygiene routines which include brushing and flossing every single day. However, many individuals often struggle with traditional flossing tools. If you are struggling to clean your smile in braces using threaded floss, consider switching to an interdental tool that is thread-free, such as a water flosser.

Washer flossers are extremely useful because they are designed to clean your mouth out by spraying beams of water directly onto your teeth. These beams of water do not require any sort of thread at all and can still clean between your teeth and around your braces hardware just as effectively as dental floss would. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for individuals who struggle with traditional dental floss due to joint pain, old age or another similar issue.

Water flossers have been shown to clean between teeth and around wires and brackets in situations where dental floss may not be reachable. This includes if you have a restoration in place such as a dental bridge, dentures, dental crowns or other oral health restoration designed to improve your smile but limit access between your teeth. A water flosser will still be able to clean around these restorations as needed.

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